Brain, Language, & Acoustic Behavior Laboratory


Caroline Niziolek

Principal Investigator

How does what we hear affect what we say? My research combines neuroimaging and acoustic measures in an attempt to characterize speech feedback processing and what purpose it serves in communication. The overarching hypothesis that frames my work is that communicative intent defines the brain’s motor plans for speech goals.

Sarah Bakst

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Typical speakers with normal hearing are able to detect even small, subphonemic variations in their own speech. In healthy speakers producing their native language, auditory feedback thus plays an important role in detecting errors during speech production. The aim of my research is to understand the role of auditory feedback in populations where the representation of auditory targets is abnormal, whether because phonetic categories are new, as in second language acquisition, or because incoming acoustic information is degraded, as when filtered through a cochlear implant.

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Dominick Battistini

Research Assistant

I am a neurobiology major going into my second year here at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.  I am pursuing a career in medicine and I like to spend my free time playing the trumpet and tennis!

Nickolas Comeau

Research Assistant/Programmer

I am an undergraduate senior studying Neurobiology and Computer Science at UW-Madison.  Through my involvement with the lab, I am building an understanding of how the brain produces and interprets speech.  I hope to use this to inform my interests in natural language processing.

Anna Mah

Graduate Research Assistant

Erin Tippit

Graduate Research Assistant

I’m a speech-language pathology master’s student here at UW-Madison.



Ben Parrell, UW–Madison, Speech Motor Action + Control Lab
Swathi Kiran, Boston University, Aphasia Research Laboratory
Sara Beach, MIT, Gabrieli Lab
John Houde, UCSF, Speech Neuroscience Laboratory
Zarinah Agnew, UCSF, Speech Neuroscience Laboratory
Srikantan Nagarajan, UCSF, Biomagnetic Imaging Lab
Edward Chang, UCSF, Chang Lab
Tara McAllister, NYU, Biofeedback Intervention Technology for Speech Lab
Clara Martin, BCBL, Speech and Bilingualism