Brain, Language, & Acoustic Behavior Laboratory


Caroline Niziolek

Principal Investigator

How does what we hear affect what we say? My research combines neuroimaging and acoustic measures in an attempt to characterize speech feedback processing and what purpose it serves in communication. The overarching hypothesis that frames my work is that communicative intent defines the brain’s motor plans for speech goals.

Sarah Alpert

Research Assistant

I am an undergraduate senior studying neurobiology with a certificate in entrepreneurship. I am very interested in learning about the brain and studying the effects and treatments of various neurological disorders. I am hoping to attend graduate school to get my master’s in neuroscience or to attend medical school.

Sarah Bakst

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Paige Cameron

Research Assistant

I am an undergraduate senior studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am looking forward to attending graduate school after I graduate and getting my masters in Speech Language Pathology.

Nickolas Comeau

Research Assistant/Programmer

I am an undergraduate senior studying Neurobiology and Computer Science at UW-Madison.  Through my involvement with the lab, I am building an understanding of how the brain produces and interprets speech.  I hope to use this to inform my interests in natural language processing.

Andreas Endresen

Research Assistant

I am currently an undergraduate senior studying biology and psychology at Elmira College, NY. My areas of interest are language development and language retrieval, and I am particularly fascinated by reading speed among different individuals. I am hoping to attend graduate school after my undergraduate degree where I want to obtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. My career aspiration is to conduct research for a pharmaceutical company that specializes in geriatric diseases and other age-related disorders.



Ben Parrell, UW–Madison, Speech Motor Action + Control Lab
Swathi Kiran, Boston University, Aphasia Research Laboratory
Sara Beach, MIT, Gabrieli Lab
John Houde, UCSF, Speech Neuroscience Laboratory
Zarinah Agnew, UCSF, Speech Neuroscience Laboratory
Srikantan Nagarajan, UCSF, Biomagnetic Imaging Lab
Edward Chang, UCSF, Chang Lab
Tara McAllister, NYU, Biofeedback Intervention Technology for Speech Lab
Clara Martin, BCBL, Speech and Bilingualism